Keizer man arrested for following girl, taking pictures

Dozens of images found on 22-year-old Trevor Highland's phone

Trevor Highsmith. (Keizer Police)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 22-year-old Keizer man was arrested on Monday after a 13-year-old girl reported that he was following her to school and taking pictures of her.

The 7th grader was walking to Claggett Creek Middle School on Monday morning when she noticed Trevor Highsmith taking pictures and videos of her with his cellphone from inside a car.

She didn’t talk to him but made note of his license plate number and what his car looked like. When she got to school, she told staff about the incident.

“We have strong relationships with them,” said Rob Schoepper, Claggett Creek Middle School Principal. “We practice and we talk a lot with our students about situational awareness.”

The girl, who KOIN 6 isn’t naming per her family’s request, says she knew something wasn’t right. That wasn’t the first time she had seen that car.

“He’s been passing back for like, 3 weeks. I seen him pass this street and that street,” she says. “I wasn’t scared because I knew what to do because my mom always teaches us.”

The girl’s mother, Maria Gonzalez, says her 13-year-old is the youngest of 8, and all her kids would’ve done the same thing.

“I teach all my kids, all the time, don’t trust anyone, don’t speak to anyone because sometimes you find bad people,” she says.

After the girl told school officials, they called Keizer Police, who on Tuesday patrolled the area where Highsmith was seen Monday. They spotted him near the middle school and followed him to a house where he parked and went inside.

After speaking with him a short time later, police got permission to look through his phone, where they found dozens of images of child sex abuse and pictures of students with backpacks walking to school.

Highsmith was charged with 10 counts of encouraging child sex abuse in the 2nd degree.

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