Two men accused in separate attacks on pets

Investigators say dog was badly hurt and a cat was killed in the two attacks

BEND, Ore. (KOIN) – Two men in Deschutes County have been charged with aggravated animal abuse for separate attacks on a cat and dog.

Ethan Allen Buck, 23, is accused severely beating his girlfriend’s 7-year-old lab, named Chevy. According to investigators, Buck became upset with Chevy and picked her up over his head and slammed her on the ground and began kicking her in the ribs.

Buck then grabbed her by the neck and scolded her and she bit him.  Investigators determined Buck then began punching her in the face while holding her neck.  Chevy suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Meanwhile, Glen William Lacoss, 55, reportedly did not like the fact his neighbor’s cat, Sweetie, came into his yard. Lacoss set up a snare and trapped Sweetie.  The evidence, according to the DA’s Office, indicates he then hung Sweetie over the fence from her neck.  Markings on the fence indicate Sweetie struggled before she was hanged to death, investigators said.

“Buck and Lacoss are presumed innocent and entitled to their day in court,” said District Attorney John Hummel.  “However, my office will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law and if they are convicted, we will seek a significant penalty.”

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