Ore. City junior chosen for Congress of Future Medical Leaders

Cameron Jordal excels at math and science

Cameron Jordal. (Courtesy)

OREGON CITY, Ore. (KOIN) — For many students, math and science are not subjects that comes easy. But for Oregon City High School junior Cameron Jordal, they are what he does best.

“I really like discovery and learning about the world around me and understanding things I didn’t know before,” Jordal tells KOIN.

He was recently nominated to represent Oregon at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

Growing up, Jordal says he was involved in sports and other activities and always scored well on math and science tests. It wasn’t until the end of middle school, however, that he started excelling.

“They said he wants to skip pre-calculus and take it over the summer so he can take calculus next year. Do you recommend that? I said sure, let him try it, see how he does,” Steve Becker, his current AP Calculus teacher tells KOIN.

He ended up acing the class. He is now taking college sophomore level calculus.

Becker says he thinks Jordal’s mind operates at an advanced level.

“As a teacher it’s fun to watch with these kids who do that who are thinking at a level where you go wow, that’s awesome. I wish I could do that,” he says.

Jordal, however, remains humble.

“It’s just me I’m just doing what I normally do.”

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