Astoria attempts, again, to keep sea lions off docks

Knappa High School students built colorful railings to deter the sea lions

One of the railings made by Knappa High School students, March 31 2016. (KOIN)

ASTORIA, Ore. (KOIN) — Astoria’s sea lions are still causing problems, despite many attempts to stop them from climbing on the docks.

Earlier this month, the city erected Air Dancers, colorful wind tubes, to scare them away. It only lasted a few days before the sea lions were back.

On Thursday morning, however, 25 students from Knappa High School brought railings they built to try and deter them.

“We recognize the effectiveness of the steel bars at other boat docks and we also recognize the effectiveness of the car lot flags and so we’re combining the two,” Rob Evert from the Port of Astoria told KOIN.

Bright colors can keep sea lions away.

The high school students made the railings in metal shop class and are optimistic about them working.

“Since we started this project full scale literally last week — there isn’t one student that doesn’t have a hand in it throughout the day as we’re making them,” Tim Kamppi, the metal shop teacher at Knappa High School tells KOIN.



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