Caregiver writes ‘IOU’ note to alleged theft victim

Suspect reportedly wrote “IOU” note stating she owed victim $3,330

Ebony M. Hardaway is accused of stealing nearly $10,000 from a vulnerable adult she was supposed to be caring for. (MCSO)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -– A caregiver is accused of writing an “IOU” note to a vulnerable adult whom she reportedly stole nearly $10,000 from, police said.

Ebony M. Hardaway was arrested Tuesday on charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment and 4 counts of first-degree theft.

According to a probable cause statement:

  • The investigation started in late January.
  • An administrator with a Portland care facility told police a resident had been stolen from.
  • The victim had a medical condition that limits his ability to communicate.
  • The victim gave Hardaway access to his debit card.
  • She was supposed to make one transaction.
  • Instead, Hardaway used the bank card to make purchases at stores, pay her insurance and moving expenses.

The total amount Hardaway is accused of taking is $8,641.95.

The victim, according to court documents, told investigators Hardaway wrote an “IOU” note, stating that she owed him $3,330.

Hardaway appeared in court on Tuesday. She has been prohibited from entering care facilities while pending trial.

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