15 neglected horses rescued in Clatskanie

Dead horse found on property

Two of the neglected horses. (Oregon Humane Society)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Officials in Oregon took 15 horses from their owners after a horse was found dead on the property.

The Oregonian reports that The Oregon Humane Society said in a news release that some horses were underweight and one looked like it had sores on its body that may have been related to continuous moisture exposure.

The humane society says the owners pleaded guilty to first-degree animal neglect in 2014.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the humane society removed the horses from the Clatskanie property Monday.

Gresham-based nonprofit Sound Equine Options and the humane society are caring for the horses at an undisclosed location.

According to the news release, the horse owners haven’t been cited in connection with the recent seizure. Investigators are looking into the horses’ conditions.

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