Exotic animal facility eyes new Hillsboro location

Owner hopes to move A Walk on the Wild Side to Hillsboro by May

A Walk on the Wild Side in Hillsboro, Ore. has been cited by Washington County after neighbors complained about the exotic animals, Aug. 22, 2017. (KOIN)

CANBY, Ore. (KOIN) — A wild animal sanctuary in Clackamas County was shut down last year and now owners are working to overcome a few challenges and move the facility to a new spot in Hillsboro.

A Walk on the Wild Side hosts a variety of exotic species.

The sanctuary was forced to shut down last March when Clackamas County officials said it could no longer charge for entry or allow anyone from the public onsite.

The problem? The land is zoned strictly for agricultural use.

But the new piece of land in Hillsboro faces the same problem: it’s also zoned specifically for agriculture. Still, A Walk on the Wild Side’s owner says there’s a chance the move could work because the landowner also has a horse boarding facility.

“They are kind of grandfathered in to be able to do that,” A Walk on the Wild Side owner Steve Higgs said. “We [will] continue to have all the boarders who are there, but the only difference is we will move the animals way away from any of the boarders and the people that are nearby.”

Higgs says it’s been a frustrating year, but he’s optimistic.

He hopes to move A Walk on the Wild Side to its new Hillsboro location by May.

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