Results in for KOIN soil tests, resident ‘relieved’

The Hamlin family lives less than half a mile away from the glass factory

Southeast Portland residents testomg soil for metals
Some Southeast Portland residents decided to test soil on their property since learning about high levels of heavy metals in the air. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Results from KOIN 6 News’ independent soil tests from a residence near Bullseye Glass Company in Southeast Portland are in, and it’s pretty good news for the family who lives there.

Brittney Hamlin and her family live less than half a mile away from the glass factory.

Soil tests from 3 different spots in their backyard looked at levels of arsenic and cadmium, metals the DEQ says exceed safe levels in Southeast Portland’s air.

Results from Soil Solutions Environmental Services indicated “arsenic [levels] exceed the strictest Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Risk Based Concentrations (RBCs) of metals in soil. However it should be noted that measured concentrations are below the expected background levels for metals in Portland.”

Arsenic levels measured at about 10x the DEQ’s Risk Based Concentrations.

Lead, mercury and chromium were also included in the tests. Results did show slightly elevated levels of lead, but nothing approaching a risk level.

“I was relieved, I didn’t know if it was going to be really bad,” Brittney said. “I was hoping that it wasn’t because my children have been covered head to toe in that dirt.”

Brittney says her family doesn’t eat eggs from their chicken coop anymore. But Soil Solutions owner Darren Blaine, says eating food from the yard is probably OK.

“As far as I know, from talking to our lab, there is probably a pretty low risk to eating the fruits and vegetables and eggs from your yard,” Blaine said.


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