Forest Grove PD breaks its silence on mysterious noise

Stars in the night sky. (Wiki Commons via
Stars in the night sky. (Wiki Commons via

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (KOIN) — Forest Grove Police Dept. is breaking its silence about a mysterious high-pitched noise that’s puzzling community members.

“The police department does not believe there is a threat to our town or citizens,” a post on the department’s Facebook page states.

While the noise has become a nuisance to neighbors over the past few weeks, online, it’s more of an intriguing solve-it-yourself mystery. Posts across the web offer unique and creative explanations as to what could possibly be behind the strange noise.

Is it aliens? Radio frequencies? Some kind of an instrument?

Why does it only happen at night?

Could it be THIS:

At this point, there are more questions than answers. It seems no one, not even the local police department, can find a reasonable explanation for it.

“While the source could likely be a prank, this is not confirmed to be the case,” Forest Grove PD’s Facebook post states. “It is unlawful if it is being done on purpose.”

Police “firmly believe there is a logical explanation” behind the creepy noise. But if you think you have an original theory, truth be told, they’ve probably heard it. They’ve been bombarded with “unsolicited theories and solutions from all over the world.”

If you’re still eager to share your theory with them, just remember, don’t call 911.

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