Rescued sea turtle slowly improving at OR aquarium

The turtle has been nicknamed Lightning

An endangered sea turtle washed ashore in Oregon, Dec. 12, 2015 (OR COAST AQUARIUM)

NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) – The outlook is improving for an endangered sea turtle that washed ashore at Pacific City last week.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium says the Olive Ridley sea turtle warmed to 68 degrees as of Wednesday – up 11 degrees from when she arrived at its rehabilitation unit. The aquarium says the turtle’s temperature much reach 75 degrees before she is ready to leave triage.

The turtle was stranded during last week’s thunderstorm. It earned her the nickname “Lightning.”

After initially being introduced to very shallow water, Lightning has been moved to a deeper pool filled with sea water that matches her temperature.

Lightning has opened her right eye, but it’s badly damaged. She has yet to open her other eye.

Timothy Ebarb of Pacific City found the turtle last Thursday. He stayed with it for more than two hours while awaiting help.

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