Artist turns Trump’s head into 374lb ‘Trumpkin’

Artist annually “pumpkin-izes” a celebrity

The Trumpkin. (WCMH)

DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — It’s being dubbed “The Trumpkin.”

Dublin artist Jeanette Paras has designed the 374-pound, Ohio-grown pumpkin in the likeness of businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump. It’s part of her annual tradition to “pumpkin-ize” a celebrity.

“The subjects are really self-selected – by being in the news all the time and by being the perpetual topic of conversation,” Paras said. “The ‘Trumpkin’ was the overwhelming choice this year. That guy is in the news every day, it seems.”

The pumpkin took more than 10 hours to create, with the distinguishing hair taking the most time to perfect. Paras said the pumpkin will be on display throughout the holidays.

Paras, a 14-year breast cancer survivor, nearly missed out on making this year’s design after dealing with a cancer recurrence earlier this month. She had surgery three weeks ago, and soon after she was working on the Trumpkin.

“Early detection is critical,” Paras said. “Breast cancer is treatable most of the time. Get it treated and get on with your life. I’m proof that it is possible to do that.”

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