Area school resource officers’ goal: ‘positive example’

Beaverton has 6 school resource officers assigned

Beaverton PD Sgt. Kevin McDonald, Oct. 28, 2015 (KOIN)
Beaverton PD Sgt. Kevin McDonald, Oct. 28, 2015 (KOIN)

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — The incident in a South Carolina school between a school resource officer and a student was disturbing and graphic.

Beaverton police would not comments on the South Carolina incident, but shared their insight on how they work inside schools.

“We want to maintain security of our schools,” said Beaverton PD Sgt. Kevin McDonald. “We’re there to set a positive example for law enforcement to students.”

The agency has 6 officers assigned as school resource officers. They’re not there to enforce school district rules but rather to enforce state laws.

The Hillsboro Police Department told KOIN 6 News by email there is no difference in their policy between using their hands with a student or with someone else.

“If the situation warrants it, the officer will use force reasonable to protect others or the officers, and at the lowest level needed,” their email said.

Beaverton’s McDonald said, “We are there to enforce laws as they happen, but we are certainly looking for alternatives to steer them out of the juvenile justice system.”

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