Do a duckwalk for Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry turns 89 on October 18, 2015

Chuck Berry duckwalks in the 1990s, while Michael J. Fox duckwalks in "Back to the Future" (YouTube/MovieClips)
Chuck Berry duckwalks in the 1990s, while Michael J. Fox duckwalks in "Back to the Future" (YouTube/MovieClips)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — You could argue Rock and Roll was born on this day.

Many things happened on October 18. The US took possession of Alaska from Russia in 1867. In 1962, the Nobel Prize was awarded to James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins for determing the structure of DNA.

Thomas Edison died in 1931, nine years after the BBC was founded.

Mike Ditka turns 76, and Dawn Wells — you know her as Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island” — is 77. Martina Navritilova is 59 and Lindsey Vonn is 31. Zac Efron is celebrating number 28.

But it’s Chuck Berry who gets the nod for October 18.

Born in St. Louis 89 years ago, Chuck Berry remains a musical force of nature in bursts of 2 minutes 30 seconds.

The impact of hip-hop’s arrival on the pop music scene eclipsed that of the Beatles-led British invasion of 1964, a computer analysis of 17,000 songs has found.

The unusual study found three revolutions on the charts: the 1991 emergence of rap and hip-hop on mainstream charts; the synth-led new wave movement of 1983, and the advent of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and other British rockers in the early 1960s.

Although the Beatles — paced by the songwriting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney — enjoy perhaps the highest place in critics’ esteem, the researchers found the hip-hop movement — from pioneers like Afrika Bambaataa to megastars like Jay-Z — more profound.

They wrote that the rise of rap and related genres represents “the single most important event that has shaped the musical structure of the American charts in the period we studied.”

By contrast, the British bands — heavily influenced by U.S. stars like Chuck Berry and Little Richard — were found to have followed existing trends.

Chuck Berry was his own trend. So, do a duckwalk and play air guitar while singing Johnny B. Goode.


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