Help deliver food to families with Meals 4 Kids

Meals for Wheels' new program, Meals 4 Kids, is in need of drivers

KOIN 6 meteorologist Sally Showman delivers food with Meals 4 Kids each week. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Meals on Wheels is in need of drivers, especially for their new program, Meals 4 Kids, that delivers to families in need.

KOIN 6 meteorologist Sally Showman drives weekly for the organization.

“It just really helps because sometimes I can’t cook,” Francesca Ray, who sees Showman when she drops off the food each week, says.

Showman delivers food to about eight families on the east side of Portland every week. The kids were the reason she wanted to get involved.

“It’s so fun to show up and have kids say, can you help me peel an orange? Or, oh my gosh can I have that apple? Or to show them we have girl scout cookies. We had girl scout cookies one week and that was a big hit,” Showman says.

Meals on Wheels Execute Director Suzanne Washington tells KOIN that they are in need of more volunteers like Showman — about 10 to 20 more drivers are needed to deliver the 2700 meals that go out to the families.

“It’s families that cannot feed themselves throughout the entire month. They might be working multiple jobs, but food does not stretch the whole month,” Washington explains.

Showman says she gets way more out of it than she puts into it.

“This is such a basic way that you can help kids and it’s been incredible to get to know these families,” she says.

The Meals 4 Kids program is funded by the Portland Children’s Levy and is being used as a pilot program for the country.

If you’re interested in volunteering, click here.


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