Portland Overnight Low Temperatures Set Record

Number of 60 degree or warmer overnight lows in Portland surpasses last year

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Did it feel warm at night this past summer in Portland? If you answered yes, you would be correct. The Portland airport has surpassed the record number of 60 degree or warmer overnight lows in a single calendar year.

The old record was set last year (2014) at 50 days. So far this year the Portland airport has logged 53 days at or above 60 degrees for overnight lows. The previous record before 2014 was 45 days. This is the second year in a row of warm overnights in Portland. This goes hand in hand with the record-setting number of 90 degree or warmer daytime highs at the airport. As of September 10th the airport has recorded 27 days at or above 90 degrees during 2015.

7 Day PM

El Nino continues to take hold in the tropical Pacific where sea surface temperatures at nearly 2.5 degrees above normal. The impacts of El Nino can be felt across the Pacific Northwest mostly in the winter months. Historically, El Nino brings warmer and drier than normal conditions to the Pacific Northwest.

Could Friday be the be the final 90 degree high temperature of the year for Portland? Models are suggesting that most of next week will feature below normal temperatures along with light rain at times. Portland’s all-time record for the latest 90 degree day in a given year was October 5th 1980.

90 Degree Days Cristle

There is still time left to reach 90 or higher, but we are slowly closing the door on the summer heat. October is a month of change. Portland’s average high temperature starts out at 70 degrees at the beginning of the month and falls to just 58 degrees by months end.

90s In September

So, get outside and enjoy what could be the last gasp of summer heat this weekend. Fall is just around the corner.

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