Man kills himself in front of Vancouver police

Police were on scene at NE 155th Ave and 1st Street when a man killed himself

The scene of a shooting in Vancouver, August 20 2015. (KOIN)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — Police were on the scene of a shooting at NE 155th Ave and 2nd Street on Thursday.

Vancouver Police tell KOIN that units responded to a call about a man with a firearm at NE 164th Avenue and SE 1st Street. Officers located the suspect when they arrived, but he attempted to evade them.

They eventually located him on NE 155th Ave and 2nd Street, called for backup, and attempted to speak with him.

Shortly after, the man, later identified as a 31-year-old Vancouver resident, shot and killed himself.

One officer, Vancouver Cpl. Holly Musser, fired her weapon during the incident. The investigation continues, but no officers were injured.

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