Portland dog killer gets 6 months in jail

Abel Nistor killed his family’s Rottwiler named ‘Leo’ in late April

Abel Nistor at his sentencing hearing, July 1 2015. (KOIN)
Abel Nistor at his sentencing hearing, July 1 2015. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A 20-year-old man who killed his family’s pet was sentenced to six months in jail on Wednesday.

Abel Nistor killed his family’s Rottweiler named ‘Leo’ in late April. When his family confronted him, he told them that he killed the dog in the “cruelest way possible” and that the dog would never be found.

Eventually, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team found the remains of Leo buried on the family’s property.

Multnomah County Judge Angel Lopez on Wednesday said when he first reviewed the facts of the case he was “quite frankly shocked” by what he read.

“The cruelty was deliberate, it was heinous and it was totally uncalled for,” Lopez said.

He said Nistor had several options to deal with his anger with the dog and did not need to kill it. Deputy District Attorney Nicole Jergovic said that the dog, which was owned by Nistor’s brother, was consistently barking and wasn’t properly trained.

Lopez said he does not believe Nistor has taken full responsibility or shown any remorse for his action.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated animal abuse and one count each of animal abandonment and first-degree theft.

“I’m going to give him a little time in jail to think about it,” he said. “And maybe when you get out you’ll realize what you did was not only wrong but it was horribly wrong.”

Defense attorney Erik Eklund had asked Nistor be released from jail because of the time he has already spent in jail. Despite the DA’s Office “painting with a broad brush,”  he said there is no evidence his client is going to become “a serial killer.” He said the incident stemmed from a long dispute between his client and Leo’s owner.

Eklund said there were no signs of drug or alcohol playing a role in the killing. He said with proper mental health treatment, Nistor would not be back before the judge.

Nistor was sentenced to 6 months in jail and will get credit for time already served, which began when he was booked into jail April 27. Upon his release, he will serve 3 years of formal probation. He will not be allowed to own animals for 15 years. He cannot have possession of any type of dangerous weapon and will have to take anger management classes within 120 days of being released.

He will have to undergo a mental health evaluation and was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation if his probation officer deems it necessary.

Additionally, Nistor will have to be evaluated by a mental health program called “AniCARE.”

His family attended Wednesday’s hearing, but did not comment. His brother, who owned Leo, asked the judge that Nistor be sentenced to a mental health evaluation and probation. He said that Nistor “has already served enough time.”

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