It felt like summer all spring

Hot sun beating down in Portland summer. (GNU/MGN)
Hot sun beating down in Portland summer. (GNU/MGN)

Spring feeling like summer you say? I would have to agree. Coming out of 2014, many people had hopes of a snowy and wet winter/spring, but that was not the case. Looking back at the past three months rainfall has been below normal.


I am not looking for much in the way of beneficial rainfall in the near future.  Below is the weekly 7-day rain forecast put out by the Weather Prediction Center.  It shows little to no rain across most of the west.


Notice the tan color over NW Oregon and western Washington in the map below?  That’s the Climate Predictions Center’s 3-month precipitation outlook and it puts the PACNW in the bulls eye for below average precipitation.  It looks like it could be a long and dangerous fire season.


Five of the past 12 months have been the warmest  on record at PDX.   We had three months that were record setter warm months in 2014 ( July, August and September) and two months this year (February and March).  This is due to a persistent ridge and warm sea water temperatures. Check out all the deep reds on the map below, that is a “blob” of above average sea surface temperatures extending thousands of miles into the Pacific.

water temps


You can see above, each month this year has been above average.

One thing to note is that El Nino is in full swing, and that could leave us with a warmer 2015 winter season.


Have a great week have a great week!


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