Biscuit Fire causing problems 13 years later

Oregon fire crews face jeopardy from a forest of dead trees

Crews battle a wildfire in 2014 (KOIN, file)
Crews battle a wildfire in 2014 (KOIN, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Crews mobilizing to fight a new fire in southwestern Oregon face a danger left over from a major fire 13 years ago: dead, standing trees that could fall on them.

Those dead trees are called snags, and they’re always a danger for fire crews working in the woods.

But the extensive Biscuit Fire of 2002 left behind what fire spokeswoman Pam Sichting called a multitude of snags.

She says some of them will have to be cut down before crews can safely dig containment lines around the new fire.

The new fire, called Buckskin, is burning in an area estimated Saturday morning at less than two square miles, about 1,100 acres. Sichting says hot, gusty winds are pushing the fire down a creek valley, but no structures are threatened.

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