Family: Husband in Rainier murder-suicide had bad temper

The mother of Laury Abbott says her son-in-law once gave her daughter a ‘black-eye’

Laury Abbott, middle, shown in an undated family photo with her two sisters. Laury Abbott was found dead Sunday. (Wanda Prosser).
Laury Abbott, middle, shown in an undated family photo with her two sisters. Laury Abbott was found dead Sunday. (Wanda Prosser).

RAINIER, Ore. (KOIN 6) — The family of a woman found dead inside a home Sunday night said her relationship with her husband was strained and that she had long wanted to end the marriage.

In 2005, Laury Abbott filed for divorce and also requested a restraining order against her husband Danny Abbott. The restraining order was dismissed a year later, and the divorce was never legally finalized so it was also dismissed, court records show.

Danny, Laury and the couple’s six-year-old son, Danny Jr., were all found dead inside a Rainier home on Sunday evening. Investigators are trying to figure out what exactly happened. Detectives do not believe there is any risk to the public, and said they are not looking for any suspects.

The Columbia County District Attorney’s Office on Monday described the case as a “murder investigation,” which could indicate that detectives are looking into the possibility that this was a double murder and a suicide.

KOIN 6 News has reached out to the family of Danny Abbott Sr. but they have declined to comment for this story.

According to Laury’s mother, Wanda Prosser, even though the marriage was never legally resolved, Danny and Laury did not live together. Laury was staying in St. Helens with her sister. Danny Jr. was attending school in the St. Helens School District.

On Tuesday, the school district released a statement describing Danny Jr. as being “helpful, curious about the world and an eager learner.”

They said he “recently took a kindergarten student under his wing, serving as an important mentor and friend. We already miss his warm brown eyes and exuberance.”

Laury’s mother said that Danny Jr. would go stay with his father on the weekend and during the week, would live with Laury and her sister in St. Helens.

Laury and Danny did not fight in public, but in private, they struggled, Prosser said. Looking back, Prosser said she and other family members saw what they now described as red flags.

“I wish we could have done more,” she said.

Prosser described some physical abuse from Danny towards Laury.

“He hit Laury a few times (and) blacked (sic) her eye,” Prosser said.

Laury was attending Heald College in Portland before the organization shut down, Prosser said. With Danny Jr. doing well in school, Laury was preparing to start working again, her mother said.

Laury had dreams of owning her own food cart. She was known for her veggie pizzas, macaroni and potato salads, her mother said.

Prosser described Danny Sr. as “very quiet” and said Danny Jr. was “into everything.” She said Danny Jr. was into cars and loved being outside.

“He was everything a little boy can be,” Prosser said.

An autopsy revealed all three died from stab wounds. The Oregon State Medical Examiners says Abbott Sr. stabbed his wife and son before killing himself.

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