Mom escapes after alleged kidnappers fall asleep

Police: Victim escaped when her attackers fell asleep after smoking marijuana

, David Vasquez, 33, and his girlfriend, Ruth Orozco-Rivera, 28, shown in jail booking photos (MCSO),
, David Vasquez, 33, and his girlfriend, Ruth Orozco-Rivera, 28, shown in jail booking photos (MCSO),

GRESHAM, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Two people face kidnapping charges after a handcuffed woman escaped by running to a neighbor’s home to call for help when her alleged kidnappers fell asleep smoking pot, police said.

David Vasquez, 33, and his girlfriend, Ruth Orozco-Rivera, 28, are both facing charges that include first-degree kidnapping, coercion, assault, burglary, menacing, criminal mistreatment and reckless endangering. Vasquez is charged with one additional count of first-degree robbery.

Gresham Police spokesperson Lt. Claudio Grandjean said officers were called to a home in the 19400 block of Southeast Yamhill Sunday. Emergency dispatchers got a 911 call at 5:17 a.m. from a 28-year-old woman who said that she had been held overnight.

As officers were responding, they learned that the victim’s toddler was still inside the two-story apartment with the suspects. The toddler was not harmed, police said.

The victim, whose name has not been released, escaped when her alleged attackers fell asleep after smoking marijuana, Grandjean said. When the first officer arrived, he found the victim in handcuffs and very upset, court documents state.

The victim met Vasquez at a homeless shelter in Portland. The victim, unaware that Vasquez was already in a relationship, “became involved” with Vasquez, Grandjean said. He moved into her apartment with the promise to keep her safe, police said.

Multnomah County Deputy DA David Hannon, assigned to the domestic violence unit, wrote in court documents that the victim met Vazquez when she went to serve her ex-boyfriend with a restraining order.

The victim was hit with a gun and had a machete placed against her neck, court documents state. Vazquez told detectives that he was trying to protect the victim from her ex-boyfriend and said that he could provide those services for $1,200-$1,500, court documents state.

Orozco-Rivera started showing up at the apartment more and more, police said. She would bring her four children, all under the age of eight with her.

On Saturday, around 11 p.m., police said, the victim kicked Vasquez and Orozco-Rivera out of the apartment after she became suspicious that they were stealing items.

“A short time later, Vasquez forced his way back into the home and he and Orozco-Rivera assaulted the victim,” Grandjean said. Orozco-Rivera brought one of her children into the home and left three in her vehicle in the parking lot, police said. The suspect’s children were placed in protective custody.

Police said the victim was threatened and assaulted, but was not seriously injured.

Both Vazquez and Orozco-Rivera were arraigned Tuesday afternoon. They will appear in court again next month.

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