Teen suspended for fake bomb prom proposal

School superintendent says student's actions inexcusable

La Center High School (www.lacenterschools.org)
La Center High School (www.lacenterschools.org)

LA CENTER, Wash. (AP) – A Washington teen who strapped fake explosives around his body in a stunt to ask a date to the prom has been suspended from school.

The Columbian in Vancouver reports that the five-day suspension for Ibrahim Ahmad will prevent him from attending La Center High’s dance Saturday.

Ahmad says he was trying to go all out with his promposal. The 18-year-old senior wore a vest filled with paper-tube props made to look like explosives. At lunchtime, he stood on the cafeteria stage and held a sign inviting his would-be date to the prom.

School Superintendent Mark Mansell says Ahmad’s actions were inexcusable and that he deserved punishment for disrupting the learning environment.

Ahmad and his date will likely go on a dinner date since he can’t go to the prom.

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