PulsePoint app saves life of Clackamas man

The smartphone application saved the life of one man when it alerted an off-duty firefighter that someone nearby was having a heart attack

PulsePoint, a life saving smartphone application (KOIN)
A man using PulsePoint, a life saving smartphone application (KOIN)

CLACKAMAS, Ore. (KOIN) — A man’s life has been saved because of the smartphone application PulsePoint.

Drew Basse suffered from sudden cardiac arrest and was saved by nearby off-duty firefighter Scott Brawner, who was alerted to the situation by a notification from PulsePoint.

The app is designed to alert citizens who have life saving skills, such as CPR training, when a sudden cardiac arrest is occurring nearby to them. They can often arrive at the scene faster than an ambulance and greatly improve the chance of survival for the victim.

Eight fire agencies dispatched by Clackamas County Communications are now using PulsePoint.

Clackamas Fire had been using the application before implementing it county wide during a launch on Thursday.

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