Police: Chicken egg money jar returned to woman

Police helped return money-filled jar to local woman

Money (MGN Online, file)
Money (MGN Online, file)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Police helped a woman get her money-filled jar back Thursday after she said a young man and woman took it at a U.S. Bank earlier this month, officials said.

On April 11, 58-year-old Suzanne Franklin went to a U.S. Bank on SE Woodstock Boulevard to deposit checks and cash earned from selling chicken eggs, Portland Police Bureau said.

While she was preparing deposit slips, she placed the clear jar of money on a counter. When it was her turn to speak to a teller, Franklin said she realized she had forgotten to bring the jar with her. When she went back for it, police said, she realized it was missing.

Franklin said the jar contained around $1,500 in cash and checks.

Police said a young man approached a counter and took a jar of money belonging to a customer who was in line to deposit cash and checks at the US Bank on Woodstock Boulevard.

Using surveillance images, police were able to identify the suspected thief. He was described as a young white man with reddish-brown hair. Police said a woman in her 30s with shoulder-length brown hair appeared to be associated with the suspect.

On Thursday, officers facilitated the return of Franklin’s money, officials said.

The case is closed and it is no longer being considered a criminal investigation.

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