Portland coffee shop burglar tackled, slips away

Sounds Ground dealing with serial burglar, employees say

Portland police say an unknown burglar broke into Sound Grounds on Feb. 3, 2015. (KOIN)
Portland police say an unknown burglar broke into Sound Grounds on Feb. 3, 2015. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A masked burglar seen rummaging through a Southeast Portland coffee shop managed to evade police capture despite being the good deeds of a local cyclist and a neighboring worker, officers said Tuesday.

The burglary at Sounds Ground at SE 37th and Belmont was reported around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

A woman on a bicycle rode by the store and noticed the glass to the front door had been broken, police said. The cyclist rode to a nearby gas station at SE 39nd and Belmont.

The employee at the gas station, knowing the owner of the coffee shop, went to alert the owner, who lives nearby.

But when the suspect stumbled out of the shop, the station clerk ran after and tackled the suspect before calling 911. During the call, however, the suspect managed to brush himself off and get away, police said.

The clerk-turned-Good Samaritan told police the man was wearing all black clothing, a ski mask, and black gloves.

Officers, with the help of a K-9 dog, did a search around the area but were unable to find anyone matching the description.

Police say the gas station employee was not hurt in the struggle.

Employees at the coffee shop said Tuesday that this is the second time they have been burglarized. Earlier this year, an unknown person kicked in the entire door, prompting the shop’s owner to re-enforce the door frame.

She said that she believes that’s why the suspect broke the glass Tuesday.

Anyone with information on the burglary is asked to call 503.823.3333.

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