Police: Woman handcuffed by camo-wearing suspect

Victim able to slip out of handcuffs

Tryanne Beatrice McIntosh shown in a jail booking photo after being arrested by Portland Police.
Tryanne Beatrice McIntosh shown in a jail booking photo after being arrested by Portland Police.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – A woman reportedly wearing army fatigues and claiming to be working as an investigator for an African-based military group handcuffed a woman inside her home during a robbery, court documents state.

Suspect uses multiple names

Taryanne Abdullah Rahmaan, 47, who also goes by the name of Tryanne Beatrice McIntosh, was arrested Jan. 25.

On Monday, she appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court and was arraigned on charges of first-degree robbery with a firearm; second-degree robbery with a firearm; unlawful use of a weapon; first-degree burglary with a firearm; first-degree forgery; identity theft; theft of lost or mislaid property; giving false information to an officer for a citation; giving false information to an officer for an arrest warrant; aggravated identity theft and second-degree forgery.

According to court documents filed by Deputy District Attorney Nicole Jergovic, Portland Police Detective Stacy Dunn was assigned to investigate a robbery in which the victim was reportedly handcuffed and burglarized.

Alleged robbery

The incident occurred Nov. 5, 2014, police said. McIntosh reportedly knocked at the victim’s door, identified herself and explained she was part of an army group based in Africa, court documents state. McIntosh said that the victim’s husband had “sponsored her until she was 30 years old,” court documents state.

The victim told police that when McIntosh appeared at the door, she was dressed in a militant-style uniform, court documents state. McIntosh also claimed to have a letter from the victim’s husband.

The victim told police she found that strange because it seemed to be a typed love letter, the documents state. The victim also reportedly told police that the letter appeared to be drafted on a computer and not a typewriter as she would have expected.

McIntosh gave the victim two checks and told the victim that an army group in Africa believed that she was getting widow benefits illegally and that McIntosh was sent to the home to investigate, according to the affidavits.

McIntosh handcuffed the victim to a stack of crates inside her residence, court documents state. The victim told police that she was scared the entire time because she could see McIntosh had a gun holstered to her body, police said. At one point, McIntosh pointed the gun at the victim, court documents state.

During the alleged robbery, a neighbor of the victim’s came over to the house after she got a text message from the victim. The neighbor told police she walked into the house and saw McIntosh and the victim. At one point, the neighbor saw the victim silently mouthing some words to her, but wasn’t able to understand what was happening or being said, according to the documents. The neighbor then left.

While inside the victim’s home, which is a trailer, police said McIntosh stole $100, two gift cards to Northwest Pilot Project and two gift cards to Fred Meyer. The victim was able to slip out of her handcuffs, court documents state. McIntosh then asked the victim to cash two checks as a “thanks” for her husband’s sponsorship. The victim tried to cash the checks, but the bank said the checks were no good, court documents state.

Detective Dunn was able to track down to the checks that the victim tried to cash. She determined that they were fraudulently written on a man’s Bank of America account.

The victim, who appears to have an intellectual disability, told police that she was working with Northwest Pilot Projects to find a new apartment, court documents state.

Suspect’s alleged multiple guises

Police talked with the victim who said that she had other interactions with McIntosh and that each time she did, she would use a different name and appeared to alter her appearance, court documents state.

McIntosh reportedly gave the victim names of “Michelle, Latrese, Chanel or Gayle, and even claimed to be ‘Michelle’s twin sister,’” Jergovic wrote.

At one point McIntosh gave the victim a counterfeit $100, court documents state. The victim was told the cash was because McIntosh’s twin sister, who McIntosh claimed was a lesbian, had died.

The victim thought it “was strange because she wasn’t a lesbian,” court documents state.

Both the neighbor who saw the suspect inside the home, and the neighbor, were both given photo line ups and identified McIntosh as being the person inside the trailer, court documents state.

Suspect’s police interview

When McIntosh was arrested, Detective Dunn interviewed her and among her many statements, she admitted to being in the victim’s home at least “9-10 times,” court documents state. McIntosh denied having the victim cash any checks. She also denied wearing any military uniforms.

Dunn then asked McIntosh to explain how McIntosh’s latent fingerprint was found on the letter that was given to the victim. McIntosh reportedly said, “I really can’t because I don’t, I don’t know but I’ve been in her place, but I’ve never given her a letter,” court documents state.

McIntosh denied knowing the name of the person who had the Bank of America checking account, court documents state. When asked if she had given the victim a check before she admitted to doing so, records show. Dunn asked McIntosh what name she gave when she give the victim the check and McIntosh reportedly said, “I do not even remember, I’m not gonna lie,” court documents state.

Police arrest suspect

McIntosh was arrested during a traffic stop. Police had pulled a vehicle over, and McIntosh was sitting in the front passenger seat, Jergovic wrote. The officer asked McIntosh for identification and was handed an ID for a woman named “Sierra Allen,” court documents state. Police learned that Allen reported her car had been broken into near Northeast 14th and Alberta in November 2014, court documents state.

According to police reports, the picture on the ID given to the officer by McIntosh did not look like McIntosh. She reportedly explained that “she is pregnant so her face has changed since the photo was taken,” court documents state.

Officers eventually searched the vehicle after getting permission from the driver and owner, court documents state. Officers found multiple check books belonging to Allen inside the glove box, court documents state. There were other check books that belonged to other people inside the vehicle, including in the trunk, police said.

Investigators also learned that a man had filed a police report in September. The victim in that report told police that McIntosh wanted him to cash a check. The two went to a Safeway that had an ATM inside, court documents state. The check would not be accepted so the victim gave McIntosh $80, court documents state. The check had been forged in the amount of $400.

McIntosh appeared in court Tuesday morning. She is currently charged with 19 various crimes.

She entered a not guilty plea and is expected back in court Feb. 4, 2015. Her bail has been set at more than $1.7 million.

Records show that McIntosh has criminal convictions of two counts of first-degree theft, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, six counts of second-degree theft, and three counts of first-degree robbery.

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