Portland police corral coat-wearing sheep

Two sheep reunited with owner in SW Portland

Two sheep corralled in a SW Portland parking lot (KOIN)
Two sheep corralled in a SW Portland parking lot (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – Two coat-wearing sheep trotted through several yards early this morning until police corralled them in a fenced parking lot.

Officer Robert Hawkins took watch Monday making sure the two sheep didn’t somehow find a way out of the Century Link parking lot in the 2700 block of Southwest Troy Street.

The report came in around 6 a.m. Hawkins and another officer followed the two little sheep, possibly lambs, from SW Canby Street east onto SW Troy.

The sheep appeared to be young based on their size. Their owner dressed them with overcoats to keep them warm and dry. The sheepish sheep mostly hid behind the vehicles parked in the lot. Any time an employee approached, the sheep moved to another side.

Once the animals got into the parking lot, police closed the gate and called for more specialized back up.

East Wind Animal Service took custody of the two sheep. Dispatchers tell KOIN 6 News the sheep were reunited with their owner.

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