Cops: Armed teen robbers return cashless wallet

Two teens arrested and charged with second-degree robbery

Andrew Levi Smith, 18, shown in a jail booking photo (Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.)
Andrew Levi Smith, 18, shown in a jail booking photo (Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A man walking home from the Gateway Transit Center was robbed at gunpoint in the Hazelwood neighborhood but the suspects gave him his wallet back when they realized he had no cash, police said.

The man told police that he was near Northeast Weidler Street and Northeast 106th when he saw the males walking in front of him. The group kept looking back at the victim so he decided to cross the street, court documents state.

At some point, the males were able to get behind the victim and that’s when the alleged robbery occurred.

Police said Andrew Smith, 18, told the victim to stop and hand over his wallet and money. Smith went through the wallet and when he discovered there was no cash, Smith give the wallet back, court documents state.

Another robber, identified by police as Michael Savignon, “pulled a small silver handgun from his right pocket,” court documents state. The gun was pointed at the victim’s chest and Savignon ordered the victim turn over his phone.

Smith and Savignon took the phone and walked away.

The third person with Smith and Savignon was later identified. Because he has not been charged, KOIN 6 News is not identifying him. Court documents state he did not participate in the alleged robbery.

Det. John Russell interviewed Smith who admitted to being involved in the robbery and that “somebody” pulled up his shirt and showed a gun, court documents state. The victim’s cell phone was found in a drawer inside Smith’s home, police said.

As the officer was driving Savignon to the juvenile detention center Savignon start to squirm around and shake his right leg, court documents state. Savignon told the officer that he had a gun on him. As Savignon “shook his right leg,” a firearm fell to the bottom of his pant leg, court documents.

The gun matched the description the victim told police, court documents state. Russell did a function check and determined that it was a silver semi-automatic handgun with a black handle that had two rounds in the magazine, court documents state. However, the wrong caliber bullets for the gun were in the magazine and there was an additional round stuck in the barrel, which caused the gun to be inoperable, court documents state.

Smith and Savignon, 17, have been charged with two counts each of second-degree robbery.

Because Savignon is being charged as an adult under Oregon Measure 11, KOIN 6 News is choosing to identify him. Smith and Savignon are expected in court next week. Both were arraigned in Multnomah County Circuit Court Friday and plead not guilty.

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