Watery chase ends in machete suspect’s arrest

Molotov cocktails found in suspect's backpack

KOIN 6 News file photo
KOIN 6 News file photo

WILSONVILLE, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A stranger allegedly threatening a woman with a machete led to a dramatic chase and capture Thursday morning, according to a spokesman with the Wilsonville Police Department.

When officers arrived, the man drove away in a stolen car, WPD’s Dan Krause said, with Wilsonville police and Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputies following after.

The pursuit continued along I-5 into Tualatin and eventually into Sherwood, where the suspect ditched his vehicle at an apartment complex and took off on foot, Krause said.

Officers witnessed the man jump into a stream to get away, but was quickly taken into custody by Sherwood police waiting on the other side, according to Krause.

The situation grew still stranger after investigators searched the stolen vehicle. Inside sat a backpack filled with multiple Molotov cocktails, Krause said, which disposal experts were still working to remove as of 9:30 a.m.

Krause said the suspect hasn’t cooperated with police and has refused to identify himself. The man also had no personal ID at the time of his arrest. Police have run his fingerprints and should know more about the man in custody shortly.

An official report of the day’s events is expected Thursday afternoon.

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