Super Typhoon Nuri may shift weather pattern

Weather Pattern
Super Typhoon Nuri strengthened to a Category 5 over the weekend!

Super Typhoon Nuri packed 180 mph winds Sunday tying it for the strongest tropical cyclone on earth this year! In fact it could change the weather pattern over much of the U.S. by the end of the week and weekend.

Nuri will weaken as it skirts close to Japan bringing mainly rain.

The system will weaken as it parallels Japan, but the remnants may become one of the most intense extra-tropical cyclones in recorded history west of Alaska! If that happens it could alter the North Pacific jetstream allowing a big ridge of high pressure to build over the western U.S. and allow Canada’s much colder air to spill south & eastward keeping it stormy and much colder across the midwest & east coast by the end of the week.

A Kink in the Jet Stream: Warmer & Drier West/Colder & Wetter East
big picture trop
Cooling off out East!

A similar situation happened over the summer: Remember the mid July heat wave? We were baking under a big high pressure ridge with highs in the upper 80s & 90s while it was “chilly” in places like Chicago with temperatures in the 50s during what’s usually one of their hottest months! Typhoon Neoguri took the blame for that one. This system was so strong that it created a “kink” in the jetstream causing changes in the storm track & weather pattern half a world away.

We’ll have to see if the same thing happens with this system.

For now, forecast models are indicating a building ridge over the western U.S. & another cold air outbreak over the Midwest and eastern U.S..  Because of the time of year and sun angle, it’ll be tough to squeeze out much heat in the Pacific Northwest, BUT it could set us up for a dry weekend with a lot more sunshine than we typically see in November. We will keep you posted!


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