Oregon OKs teaching judges, rejects student aid

Ballot measures attracted a lot of attention

A voter fills out a ballot (MGN Online)
A voter fills out a ballot (MGN Online)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon voters have rejected a ballot measure that would have allowed the state to take on debt for student financial aid.

The measure that was voted down Tuesday was championed by Democratic State Treasurer Ted Wheeler.

It would have created an endowment that could be used only for student financial aid. And it would have allowed the state to sell bonds to fill it.

Wheeler says the fund would have provided a dedicated and growing resource to support student financial aid as college costs rapidly rise.

Critics questioned the use of debt, which traditionally has been incurred only to pay for construction projects.

There was little spending on either side.

Judges teaching

Oregon judges will now be able to serve in the National Guard or teach at the University of Oregon law school.

Voters on Tuesday approved a ballot measure amending the state constitution to ease up on separation of powers requirements.

Oregon’s constitution has long said a single person cannot hold a position in more than one branch of government. That meant judges could not serve for pay in the military and could teach only at private law schools.

The measure was put on the ballot by state lawmakers, not signature-gathering petitioners. It received very little publicity and virtually no campaigning on either side.

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