Sidewalk need repaired? Don’t take 1st bid

(KOIN 6)
(KOIN 6)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Some Portlanders will soon be getting a bill from the city for sidewalk repairs that the city says the property owners must make.

The city’s total billing was just over $208,000 for various repairs – more than what some property owners needed to pay.

Once the city decides a sidewalk on a homeowner’s property needs to be fixed, the homeowner have three options: fix it themselves, hire a contractor or have the city repair it.

For a couple sections of sidewalk in Northeast Portland, the city billed a homeowner $1,300.

Another sidewalk repair that was the length of a home’s lawn, bigger than the first, cost the homeowner $3,800.

However, a similar repair that contractor did only cost around $1,000.

Four homes away, Scott Crane said he got a letter from the city about his sidewalk needing repaired at the beginning of the summer.

“The estimated price is included in the letter, and you could call the city to come do it themselves or could do it privately with another company,” Crane explained.

Crane said he let the city do the job at his place that included only a couple sections of sidewalk for just over $470.

When asked if he thought he could have gotten a cheaper price, Crane said he probably could have but wasn’t worried about it.

The Bureau of Transportation is responsible for inspecting more than 8.6 million square yards of city sidewalks.

A spokesperson for the bureau said the repair process is put into motion once someone complains about a potential hazard.

The city’s sidewalk repair bills go out quarterly, and the city said they average around $1,600 per home.

Bottom line: Homeowners should research their options when asked to repair a sidewalk on their property because a private contractor likely won’t charge the same amount as the city.

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