Dad asks thief to return bike to daughter who’s blind

SALEM, Ore. (KOIN 6) — A Salem man is asking the person who stole a tricycle that belongs to his daughter, who is legally blind, to return it.

“It meant a lot. I haven’t been able to ride a bike since I was 3-years-old,” said Kayla Flanary.

Kayla Flanary with her father, Randy Flanary, August 29, 2014. (KOIN 6)
Kayla Flanary with her father, Randy Flanary, August 29, 2014. (KOIN 6)

The 21-year-old is legally blind and suffers from some balance issues due to disabilities, so a tricycle was the perfect gift.

However, she only got to ride it for about 10 minutes before it was stolen.

Her father, Randy Flanary, has put up fliers in their Salem neighborhood with a picture of the bike reads, “Return it to my disabled daughter.”

“I’m just disgusted someone would do that,” said Kayla.

Randy is especially disgusted because the bike was hidden behind the family’s SUV. He said someone invaded his property to get the tricycle.

“Not only did they steal it, but they took something from my handicapped daughter that really was important to all of us in the family,” he said.

However, Kayla got another surprise on Friday. A woman named Tina from May Trucking gave her a brand new tricycle to try out.

“And I cried when I picked it up,” Randy said. “She cried when I bought it home.”

The signs, though, remain up. Randy and Kayla still want the other tricycle back on principle.

“It does not belong to the person who took it,” said Randy.

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