Developer plans to replace 1 home with 4 in SE Portland

Lot in question sits on corner of Southeast 77th Avenue and Martins Street

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Neighbors in Southeast Portland are preparing to fight a developer who plans to build four homes where only one currently stands.

The current home stands on the corner of Southeast 77th Avenue and Martins Street on 10,000 square feet with some 100-year-old Douglas Fir trees.

It’s the developer’s plan to cut some of those trees down and replace the current home with four that has neighbors upset.

“It’s gotta stop. We’re the ones who have to live here and cramming four houses in, like we said, we don’t care if there’s three,” said Wendy Larson who lives across the street from the old white house.

She and her husband said they can’t believe what the developer wants to do to the property.

“All these trees are gonna go except they’re gonna try and keep this one and that one,” Larson said.

Blueprints show how all four lots will be less than 36 feet wide, fitting the city’s definition of narrow lots.

The Bureau of Land Services approved the preliminary plan with conditions earlier this month, but one neighbor appealed their decision a week ago, slowing the development process for a while longer.

“Once they start, they’ll start chopping things down, get a slap on the hand and get a fine,” said Larson.

The hearing notice does show that the builder has since revised the proposal to include saving two of the old Douglas Fir trees, but Larson said she doesn’t think that will happen.

“He doesn’t care about the neighborhood or the trees or the wildlife. He don’t [sic] care about that,” said Larson.

Efforts to reach the permit applicant, developer and Lane Lowry, who is listed as the property owner with private investment partners, were unsuccessful.

“Three this way and one this way and its 5 feet from the neighbor’s yard and it’s crazy,” said Larson.

Legally, the area where the home in question sits is zoned for 2,500 square foot lots and that is why the developer can put four homes on the 10,000 square foot piece of land.

The appeal hearing is set for Sept. 17.

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