Safeway manager fired over pre-paid cash theft

John O'Malley Jr. never processed the transaction, police said.

A credit card machine (MGN Online, file)
A credit card machine (MGN Online, file)

LONGVIEW, Wash. (KOIN 6) — The Safeway manager who allegedly pocketed $5,000 from a 96-year-old woman trying to buy pre-paid cash cards was fired.

John O’Malley Jr. never processed the transaction, police said. In surveillance video, O’Malley allegedly places the money on the floor and then in his pocket.

He faces first-degree theft charges.

Safeway spokesperson Tairsa Swenson confirmed O’Malley was terminated from the company.

The woman was duped out of the money in what is commonly called the Grandparents Scam. Someone called and said her niece was in trouble and needed the money in pre-paid cards.

But the cards didn’t work, authorities said, because O’Malley never processed the transaction.

KOIN 6 News tried to speak with O’Malley, but a person at his house said, “Go away,” and closed the door.

But across the street, two friends came to his defense.

“I know he worked for me around thousands of dollars worth of equipment,” one said. “He worked for me. He never stole a f—–g thing.”

This incident happened in July. Court documents indicate a Safeway store investigator was already investigating O’Malley for another suspected theft.

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