Abandoned Clackamas home still ‘a health issue’

Neighbors file dangerous building citation for solid waste a month ago

Neighbors say this abandoned Clackamas House is posing a community health threat, but has not been cleaned up. (KOIN 6)
Neighbors say this abandoned Clackamas House is posing a community health threat, but has not been cleaned up. (KOIN 6)

CLACKAMAS, Ore. (KOIN 6) — An abandoned, trash-filled home in Clackamas County is posing a health problem to neighbors, yet has not been cleaned up despite a dangerous building citation filed a month ago.

The home, on the border with Milwaukie, is gathering trash and rodents, which neighbors say is dangerous to people in the surrounding area.

“No one has come to clean it up, haven’t heard from anybody, having cops over there, people breaking in,” said neighbor Lynn Erickson. She said rather than improve since involving the county, the situation has gotten worse.

“Now we have a smelling issue, it’s a health issue now,” she said. “There was a rat I saw get killed the other day running across the street from the house.”

In July, a Clackamas County spokesperson said there was an active violation case in the works.

Thursday, Clackamas County Code Enforcement Coordinator Andrea Hall said the county was aware of the problem.

“We’ve actually issued a citation for the dangerous building and the accumulation of solid waste on the property,” she said.

Now, the owner has fifteen days to comply, and a second violation will be sent if he does not. If, again, there is no compliance, the case would be handed to a hearings officer, who would then have the authority to order the home demolished.

Still, Erickson said that does nothing to relieve her fears, especially with kids returning to school shortly.

“I totally understand and can appreciate the neighbors concerns,” said Hall.
“The county does have a policy in place and we handle every case according to this policy and it’s just a process that we have to follow to insure all cases are treated equally.”
Codes do not permit a emergency action, or interruption of the process unless the property poses an immediate danger, which it has not been deemed the case.

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