Clark Co. cracks down on illegal massage parlors

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. (KOIN 6) — New regulations recently put into place aim to crackdown on illegal massage parlors in Clark County, authorities said.

Neighbors in Hazel Dell accuse foot massage businesses in the area of providing illegal sexual favors to clients, but when one employee was asked about those claims she denied they were true.

“Sex? No, we offer regular massage,” said the employee who only identified herself as Maggie.

A recently approved ordinance in Clark County will now force the often fly-by-night businesses to show proof that they are officially licensed by the state before the county recognizes them.

Under the new regulations, each businesses’ owner’s picture will also have to be on the license and posted for everyone to see.

Clark County Planner Jeff Niten said the massage businesses have been the source of a few problems.

“It’s caused quite a few problems. The citizens want county to stop it,” said Niten.

Those citizens include Emily Sorrow who lives near one of the parlors.

“They shouldn’t be here – lots of kids around here,” she said.

When asked about the new, stricter ordinance, Maggie claimed there was a language barrier.

“English, no good,” she said.

Starting next week, the county will send letters to the massage businesses in the area, asking to to comply with the new ordinance. The businesses will have 45 days to respond.

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