Kayaker, nurse try to save boy from drowning

Boy drowned despite the efforts of a nurse who happened to be in the area

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. (KOIN 6) — Kristie and Bruce Lieziert were kayaking on Yale Lake Monday afternoon. They were relaxing when they heard a boat horn sounded from the shore.

A child was under water.

Bruce Lieziert dove into the water and located the 2-year-old boy in about 20 feet of water.

“I couldn’t find him so I started diving deeper and deeper and I went down about 10 feet and I spotted him,” he told KOIN 6 News. “He was about 10 feet below me lying there on the bottom face down.”

He brought the boy to the surface and hurried to the beach. The boy showed no signs of life.

That’s when Kristie Lieziert, a pediatric nurse, began CPR for 20 minutes. She managed to get a pulse on the boy, and a LifeFlight helicopter landed in the area of Saddle Dam.

The boy was flown to Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland, and was on life support until he died Tuesday afternoon.

Bruce Lieziert said it’s a vivid reminder of the need for life jackets, especially for kids.

“It’s one of those things where if they would have had it on –they (the parents) have deep regrets right now — I think they had life jackets on the beach,” he said. “They let them take them off for whatever reason.”

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