Marion County cop shooter sentenced to prison

Cody Edwards asked for forgiveness, prays for Marion County Deputy Jim Buchholz

Marion County Sheriff's Office, Jim Buchholz, officer shot
Marion County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jim Buchholz.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) – A man who shot an Oregon sheriff’s deputy during a chase through a snowy Christmas tree field in December pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The Statesman Journal newspaper reports that Cody Edwards asked for forgiveness at Friday’s sentencing and told Marion County Deputy Jim Buchholz he prays for him often.

Buchholz said he returned to work at the sheriff’s office only this week after spending months dealing with the trauma.

The case began when Silverton police started chasing a stolen vehicle. County deputies found the car abandoned in a field and witnesses said they’d seen a man on foot with multiple guns.

Deputies searched for hours before Buchholz encountered the man, gunshots were exchanged and the deputy was wounded.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials released a statement Friday afternoon expressing their satisfaction the case had come to an end.

“Judge Tracy Prall’s decision to impose the maximum 22 1/2 year sentence brings closure to Sr. Dep. Jim Buchholz and his family,” MCSO Sgt. Chris Baldridge said.

“Although the prison sentence won’t repair the physical and emotional damage inflicted upon Jim, his family, and our Office, we hope that while Mr. Edwards is incarcerated he will receive the assistance he needs to continue to restore his life.”

The Sheriff’s office also thanked the Marion County District Attorney’s Office for their work on the case, as well as all officers who responded to Buchholz the day of the shooting.



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