Toxic algae found in Odell Lake

Health officials warn campers and residents to avoid the lake water

Odell Lake as seen in an undated photo from the USDA
Odell Lake as seen in an undated photo from the USDA

OAKRIDGE, Ore. (KOIN 6) — High-level toxins were discovered in Odell Lake, prompting a health advisory urging campers and residents to avoid the water.

The toxins, harmful to humans and animals, come from blue-green algae in the Klamath County lake. Drinking, inhaling, and skin contact with the lake water should be avoided.

Symptoms of exposure to blue-green algae require immediate medical attention.

The toxins cannot be removed through filtering, boiling, or treating the water with standard filters. Freshwater clams and mussels from the water should not be eaten.

Residents who draw in-home water directly from Odell Lake are advised to use an alternative water source. Public drinking water systems can reduce algae toxins.

The public can still visit Odell Lake as long as they avoid contact with the water. Boaters should go slow enough to not spray water.

Officials will notify the public when it’s once again safe.

For health information, or to report human or pet illness, contact Oregon Health Authority at 971.673.0400.

For local information about water quality or blue-green algae sampling, contact U.S. Forest Service at 541.433.3200.

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