Man presumed drowned at Klineline Pond

Man reportedly went into Klineline Pond and never resurfaced

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN 6) — The Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to a possible drowning near Salem Creek Regional Park in Vancouver Wednesday evening.

Crews respond to a possible drowning at Salem Creek Regional Park, July 2, 2014. (KOIN 6)
Crews respond to a possible drowning at Salem Creek Regional Park, July 2, 2014. (KOIN 6)

According to police, a family had walked out onto the fishing dock located on the south side of Klineline Pond around 6 p.m. when witnesses said a child’s hat blew off into the lake.

The missing 42-year-old Vancouver man, Pioneer Anastaco Kelulau, jumped off the dock and attempted to swim after the hat, which was being blown further away from shore, witnesses told police.

Kelulau retrieved the hat and was swimming back when witnesses said he suddenly called out for help and went below the surface about 50 feet from the shore.

Another family jumped into the water in an attempt to save the man but was unable to do so and swam back to shore.

Authorities said divers with Fire District Six Technical Rescue Team and SW Organized Rescue Divers conducted an underwater search for Kelulau until nightfall made further searching too hazardous at about 10 p.m.

Further search efforts are being planned for Thursday. The water depth in the search area is approximately 40 feet deep with water temperature of about 50 degrees, police said.

Clark County Parks Department has decided to close Klineline Pond and the entrance to the Salmon Creek Regional Park while search operations are underway.

This drowning is the fourth in SW Washington since Saturday.

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