E-cigarettes ban in Hillsboro parks passes

Ban on electronic cigarettes in Hillsboro parks passed 5-1 Tuesday

HILLSBORO, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Electronic cigarettes are now officially banned in Hillsboro parks.

The city council voted Tuesday evening 5-1 to make the change that includes the Hillsboro Hops Stadium.

A first reading of the ban passed on June 17. It will go in to effect next month.

“There are some concerns based on things we’ve seen research on and the country. There are known toxins in the vapor, so that’s something we don’t want to have to subject other patrons to be around,” said Hillsboro Park Program Manager Ken Pipher.

Pipher said the decision was based on the health impacts of park goers, but he said the enforcement of the law will be up to the people.

“Typically, we have self-enforcement from our patrons and so really what this does is it empowers are patrons to actually go up and ask someone who is vaping or smoking or drinking alcohol or anything else and to ask them to stop,” said Pipher.

If an individual refuses to stop, police or park officials mat be called who could then issue a ticket.

However, not everyone agrees with the city council’s decision.

“There really is no harm that we’ve seen that comes from ‘secondhand smoke,’ and I wouldn’t even deem it secondhand smoke. It’s water vapor,” said Wayne Curry who owns Silver Star Vapors in Hillsboro.

He said people compare e-cigarettes to tobacco products, but Curry explained the only similarity between the two is nicotine.

“This is a health stance that we are going to take on. We will fight it. We will expose the misconceptions, and we’ll try to educate everyone that we can who’s willing to listen,” said Curry.

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