Park neighbors unhappy with Naked Bike Ride

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – Though the exact route of the Portland World Naked Bike Ride remains a secret, it is known that the starting point on Saturday night at at Normandale Park off Northeast Halsey.

Neighbors in the area are posting flyers, upset the city didn’t notify them before a permit was issued for the public nakedness.

“You know, just because Portland is really proud of being weird there’s a lot of citizens in this town that don’t have that world view that just anything goes,” said Joe Goertz, who lives two doors down from the park.

Last Saturday, Goertz and other neighbors got a flyer from the organizers of the bike ride.

A year ago, Goertz and his family went to the Rose Festival and unknowingly parked in the staging area for the naked bike ride.

“It literally took half an hour, 45 minutes to get my car out of there,” he told KOIN 6 News. “Six to 8,000 riders is not a little thing. It’s not a 10-minute ride by the door, shut your windows for 10 minutes. That’s a mockery of what it is.”

Goertz said having the ride start at the nearby family park is offensive, and he said no one ever notified them about the chosen site before it was approved.

“I feel like the city is not respecting me and giving us an opportunity to stand up to what’s right,” he said.

According to Portland city code, it is illegal to show off your genitalia in public. But the courts have consistently ruled that people who are naked in public as a form of protest are not violating the law.

The city-approved and permitted route will have a police escort.

But Goertz said they have more than 150 signatures declaring ride harmful, especially to children.

Goertz will meet with Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz on July 24 and hope to have a say on the record for the launch site next year.

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