Hershey’s sues Wash. pot candy maker

SEATTLE, Wash. (KOIN 6) — Hershey’s has filed a lawsuit against a candy maker in Seattle that is selling pot-infused candy bars that look similar to their products.

Candy sold at Conscious Care Cooperative goes by the name “Reefer’s,” which is similar to Reese’s, and “Mr. Dankbar,” which is a play on Mr. Goodbar.

An employee at the Seattle-based dispensary said they sold out of the product months ago.

“It’s not even our product. It’s just something that we carry. So it’s a vendor. It’s not us,” the employee explained.

Hershey said it’s worried the product could tarnish their brand.

The manager of another medical marijuana dispensary said with the recreation marijuana business starting up, he foresees this lawsuit as only the beginning of the problem.

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