State, gay couples ask Supreme Court to ignore NOM

(MGN Online)
(MGN Online)

WASHINGTON (KOIN 6) — Just as requested, Oregon state officials and the couples who recently won their case against the state’s gay marriage ban have asked the Supreme Court not to consider a national group’s argument re-opening the issue.

Last week, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy called for their response to a motion filed to the judge by the National Organization of Marriage, a group which has been trying to defend the now-defunct ban in court ever since Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum declined to do so.

Those responses came Monday: one filing from Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, Rosenblum, State Registrar Jennifer Woodward and Multnomah County Assessor Randy Walruff, and the other from the couples themselves.

Both filings, as expected, state NOM “lacks standing” to appeal District Judge Michael McShane’s historic decision handed down in May.

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Kennedy now has the opportunity to rule on the case himself or open up the debate to his eight fellow justices.

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