School nurse saves man at Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond at 16701 Mill Plain in Vancouver (Google Street View)
Bed Bath & Beyond at 16701 Mill Plain in Vancouver (Google Street View)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN 6) — A school nurse with the Evergreen School District performed CPR on a man having a heart attack near Bed, Bath and Beyond and helped save his life.

Wendy Nelson was on her lunch break when she went to the store at 16701 SE Mill Plain. She heard an announcement looking for anyone who knew how to perform CPR on a man in a van outside, her daughter, Katie Nelson, told KOIN 6 News.

Three other women were at the van when Nelson arrived. They reclined his seat and Nelson began doing chest compressions.

“I put my purse down, climbed in and started chest compressions,” Wendy Nelson told KOIN 6 News

She continued until firefighters and paramedics arrived. She walked away, her daughter said, as the paramedics attended to the man.

Nelson said she’s known CPR for years, but hasn’t used it in 30.

“I’m expected to know this,” she said. “I’m a nurse!”

When she returned, she said the firefighters shook her hand and thanked her. They said her efforts before they arrived helped save the man’s life.

“The moral of the story is you learn how to do it perfectly, get in there and do the best that you can,” Nelson said. “Even if your compressions aren’t deep just do it.”

The condition of the man is not known at this time.

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