Damon Wayans ready for redemption at Helium Comedy Club

Damon Wayans in the KOIN 6 studio May 29, 2014.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – The first and only time Damon Wayans performed in Portland, he tanked.

Damon Wayans stopped by the KOIN 6 studio May 29, 2014.
Damon Wayans stopped by the KOIN 6 studio May 29, 2014.

I didn’t understand my audience,” said Wayans. “I did terribly.” Wayans said the crowd responded to his material so badly, he fell back on characters from his breakout roles in In Living Color.

Not only was it the last time he performed in the Rose City, it’s the last corporate gig he ever did (a shoe promotion for Nike).

Armed with a comedy show he’s spent more than a year putting together, Wayans is ready for round two.

“I’m a freak for torture and rejection,” he said.

At 53, his Homey the Clown and Blaine Edwards are as sharp as ever. After wrapping up five seasons of “My Wife and Kids,” the comedian has moved onto the world of tech, as the creator and sponsor of an app that aims to replace business cards

The premise for Flick Dat is simple. Take your contact information and turn it into a custom business card on the go, with a simple flick gesture on your smartphone or tablet. For the business person on the go, it would digitize networking, keeping contact information stored.

What the flick is Flick Dat? 

Who hasn’t lost a business card, or not had one when you needed one?

When Wayans got fired from Saturday Night Live for playing gay, he took it as a learning point, and stands by the principle that comedy is about rebellion.

No milk, no sugar

Wayans has battled diabetes for years and rather than taking insulin, has eliminated any sugar intake with the paleo diet.

“I only eat meat and vegetables, or fish and vegetables,” he said.  But, he doesn’t pair the “caveman diet” with a typical CrossFit exercise regimen. Instead, he hits the gym late night, after his comedy shows.

The man has even cut out fruit from his diet. When told he could eat what he wanted to, as long as he took insulin, Wayans replied “I’m from the streets of New York, I know a drug dealer when I see one.”

Wayans will be performing four shows at Helium Comedy club May 29-June 1.

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