Longview man finds his stolen items on Craigslist

A photo of Bobby Oliver's stolen items posted to his own Facebook wall by the thieves who took his car.
A photo of Bobby Oliver's stolen items posted to his own Facebook wall by the thieves who took his car.

LONGVIEW, Wash. (KOIN 6) — A local man who had suspects steal thousands of dollars in electronics from him and then taunt him on his own Facebook page now says he found one of the stolen items for sale on Craigslist.

“It’s just been an unbelievably horrible nightmare and it’s nothing that anyone should have to go through,” said Bobby Oliver.

Nearly two weeks ago, Oliver says thieves stole his car, which contained nearly $4,000 of electronics, including a camera, phone, tablet and laptop in addition to a collection of photos that took years for him to take.

“It’s more than just the camera gear. It’s the photos, too. Every one of those photos has a piece of me in it,” said Oliver.

Adding insult to injury, the thieves then accessed Oliver’s Facebook account through his Nexus 10 tablet, which was also in the 1997 Audi, which was stolen from behind Guse’s near Commerce St. in Longview May 13.

Police have since recovered Oliver’s Audi, which was found parked in the Woodland Safeway parking lot. Oliver’s belongings were no longer inside though, but his items did resurface elsewhere on the web.

Oliver said he found a Craigslist ad posted the night his car was stolen.

“There was a scratch bezel near the lens that I put there with my keys when I was trying to take the clip off the battery and it’s a very distinct scratch only I’m going to know about it,” said Oliver about the ad.

Oliver said he has no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus posted in the ad is his. The proof, he says, would be provided by a simple check of the phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI, which he has on record.

But, Oliver said police aren’t offering him any help.

“He literally said he’s not going to drive all the way down to Vancouver to investigate it,” said Oliver.
According to Longview Police Department Detective Steve Dennis, the agency makes every effort to get stolen property back, but there are times when they can’t get to it.

Oliver said he understands officers have more important matters but finds the whole situation frustrating.

“It makes sense that they have other things that are more important going on, but at the same time, it is extremely frustrating,” said Oliver.

While police may not be able to track down a thief based on a Craigslist posting, they did offer some advice. One of the best options is to setup a meeting with the person who is selling the stolen items and buy them back. Once you confirm that the items are yours, file a police report with as much information about the suspect as possible.

Oliver said he was in the process of following this option when the ad was taken down off Craigslist.

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