Study: Too much time on standardized test prep

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A report released Monday about new testing for students set to roll out next spring said it might not be a good idea.

The Northwest Evaluation Association, based in Portland, said all the emphasis on high-stakes testing is taking away from the focus on learning.

The study on teachers, administrators and more than 1,000 kids found students and teachers believe they spend too much time prepping to take standardized tests.

Many believe more emphasis should not be on the standardized tests but on more tests throughout the school year. That way, they said, parents, teachers, students can get a sense of how much each student improves.

“I don’t think my school is ready, and I worry about younger grades in the district aren’t prepared for that,” said Andrew Davidson, a Grant High School senior who is the student representative on the school board.

Parents were in favor of assessments if they will directly help their child learn more, said Matt Chapman, the CEO of NWEA.

Teachers were split on the issue. About half in the survey said they want student assessments, but nearly 40% said they would not mind getting rid of them. What is done on a regular basis is far more important, they said.

Meanwhile, the students surveyed across all grades said they should have input and not just be test takers.

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