‘Blah blah blah,’ writes Willamette Week reporter

Republican senate candidates from left: Tim Crawley, Monica Wehby, Mark Callaghan and Jason Conger. (Willamette Week)
Republican senate candidates from left: Tim Crawley, Monica Wehby, Mark Callaghan and Jason Conger. (Willamette Week)

PORTLAND, Ore. (WW) — Reporters can write in their own shorthand as long as they can understand it, right?

A senate endorsement interview at alternative weekly newspaper Willamette Week ended in fireworks after a reporter wrote “blah blah blah” on a notepad for one candidate’s answer to a question.

The newspaper hosted a panel of Republican hopefuls gunning for the senatorial candidacy.

The  full round table interview, caught on tape and published online, shows Republican senatorial candidate Mark Callaghan berating WW reporter Nigel Jaquiss.

“You want to talk about disrespect, I see what you’re writing down there,” Callaghan says in the video.

Jaquiss was writing down a response from senatorial hopeful Joe RaePerkins, who called in via phone.

“You just wrote blah bla bla bla bla for everything that Joe Rae said. Joe Rae is a respectable woman, why are you not respecting her by writing bla bla bla bla bla,” Callaghan asked.  After a heated exchange, Jaquiss turned the discussion to climate change.

“Mark, climate change, do you believe it’s a myth or a reality?”

“It’s a myth,” Callaghan says in the video

“Where are you on the Easter Bunny?”

“I called you out for putting bla bla bla bla bla on your note pad and now you’re asking me questions like this,” Callaghan says.

He is then threatend by WW staff to be kicked out, then asked ot leave.

It’s a meeting being asked by thin-skinned liberals like yourselves,” Callaghan says.

“Not everyone likes to follow the rules, and on rare occasion we have asked candidates to leave the endorsement interviews. That’s what happened when Callahan came to our offices,” Willamette Week editorial staff wrote in an online statement entitled “BlahBlahBlahGate: Watch What Really Happened When We Kicked a U.S. Senate Candidate Out of Our Offices.”


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